This is such a nice and fast recipe and you can use as many vegetables as you like and the vegetables that you prefer. It can be eaten by vegetarians, but it is thoroughly enjoyed by everybody.






2 zucchini
1 – 2 eggplants
2 potatoes
½ kilo okra (frozen or fresh if you can get it)
2 – 3 peppers (green, red) sliced
1 large onion grated
2 cloves garlic minced
3 – 4 tomatoes roughly chopped
about 1 cup parsley chopped
about 1 cup mint chopped
1 cup olive oil
Salt, pepper



Wash and dry all the vegetables and slice them (about ½ inch). Place the vegetables in a baking pan. Sprinkle on the grated onion and the garlic, the parsley and the mint, salt and pepper. Mix the vegetables lightly. Place the tomatoes on top and drizzle the oil over everything.

Bake at 180o for about one hour. Half-way stir the vegetables. Check to see if the potatoes are done. If the slices are too thick, they will need more time to cook. If they are thinner, they will need less time.

This dish is perfect for a light lunch, with feta cheese, fresh crusty bread, and a green salad if you wish.

Note: If you like, towards the end of the baking time, you can place pieces of feta cheese on top of the vegetables. It will melt a bit and it gives the dish a fantastic flavor.

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