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Welcome to the site Cooking In Plain Greek that will show you how to cook tasty Greek dishes, easily and economically in plain English. It has been proved that if you cook from scratch and add to your diet fresh fruit, vegetables and olive oil, you do your health a great favor.

Good Taste

Hi, my name is Rena, I have been cooking for over 40 years and I have experimented with recipes, always trying to make them healthier – less fat, less sugar, less salt if possible. When my children were very young, I always tried to add more vegetables, pulses, dairy products, fruit, and all the ‘good stuff’ in their diet.

Good Health

The benefits of the Mediterranean diet has been extolled by people and nutritionists all over the world. And as we are what we eat, we should try to nourish ourselves properly and teach our children to acquire good eating habits. Keeping our families healthy is our first priority.


Nowadays, when we are all watching our pennies, these recipes will also help you save money, because they will help you stretch out the meat and other more expensive ingredients. Greece was a poor country and the people made do with the few things they had in hand and mostly by the land. They used their imagination, and they came up with fantastic and nutritious recipes.

Useful Tips

Apart from all the recipes, I will also give you many tips and tricks that will help you in the kitchen, information about different ingredients, the use of herbs and tons of interesting and useful things. You can subscribe to my weekly newsletter so that you are always up to date!

I will also be very happy to answer your questions so don’t hesitate to contact me.

…and remember, always add a pinch of love to your pots and pans! It makes all the difference.


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