Do you like garlic? Then this is the sauce for you. You can use as much or as little garlic as you wish, according to your taste, and of course who you are going to meet after lunch that hasn’t eaten garlic! I wouldn’t recommend it before an important date, except if you use only one clove of garlic!!! But it is delicious and easy to make and I am certain that you will get hooked. The ingredients I am giving you are enough for two generous portions.




1 potato (medium to large)
1 clove garlic (you can use as many cloves of garlic as you like)
About ½ cup olive oil
2 tablespoonfuls vinegar
About ½ cup fish stock or water



Boil the potato in water until tender. Immediately mash it. Peel and mince a clove garlic and add it to the potato. A mortar and pestle are ideal for this job. Otherwise use the potato masher. Don’t use your mixer, because sometimes the potato resembles glue. Add a little salt and the olive oil and vinegar little by little, stirring with a spoon until fully absorbed, before adding more oil and vinegar. Also add some fish stock (made from the bones & head of a fish)or water stirring constantly. The amount of the liquids you use depends on the potato. The fish stock thins out the sauce. It must be a rather thick sauce which should run easily off a spoon. Taste it to adjust the salt and vinegar.

This garlic sauce can accompany just about any fried or baked fish or you can use it anywhere else you like.

NOTE: Instead of the potato you can use two slices of bread, without the crust, and proceed as above.

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