Olive Oil for SaladsYou can always make a nice vinaigrette for your salad, but good quality olive oil infused with herbs, garlic, hot peppers or spices, adds a new dimension! You can mix and match the herbs and spices according to your likings. This is a simple oil infused with rosemary, garlic and hot pepper. It is very easy to make, and you should give it a try.





good quality virgin olive oil
sprigs of rosemary
cloves of garlic
hot peppers



There are no exact quantities in this recipe, as it depends on your preferences and of course the size of your bottle. As a rule, you need about two cups of oil, or a quantity that you will be able to use within 6 months.

Pick the herbs you will use, wash them and dry them thoroughly before using them. There mustn’t be any water left on the leaves when you immerse them in the oil. Peel the cloves of garlic and if you wish you can cut them in half. If you buy fresh hot peppers, wash them and dry them thoroughly as well.

The bottle must be clean and dry. It is preferable to use a cork because it seals the bottle better.

Add the oil to your clean bottle and put 2 – 3 sprigs of rosemary, the cloves of garlic and hot peppers. Seal the bottle and place it in a dark and cool place for about 10 days. Don’t forget to roll and turn the bottle upside-down a few times very gently, daily.

You can leave the herbs in the bottle at the beginning, when you start using the oil, but they must be removed once the herbs are exposed to the air. They will spoil and they will spoil your oil as well.

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