Omelet with artichokesA dish you can make in minutes and put on the table a tasty dinner for all to enjoy. The combination of eggs and artichokes is perfect. If you wish, you can add a huge green salad and some french fries! The quantity is for 1 – 2 servings, according to your appetite.





2 artichokes trimmed and cut in quarters
2 – 3 eggs
1 tablespoon olive oil
1 tablespoon butter or margarine
Salt, pepper



If you keep some artichokes in your freezer or you use frozen ones, then the dish can be cooked in a few minutes. However, if you use fresh artichokes, you’ll need a little more time to prepare them.

Start by removing the outer leaves of the artichokes by pulling one by one, until you reach the more tender inner leaves. Cut off the stem, at the base of the artichoke. Cut the artichoke in half and cut off the hard tips of the leaves of the artichokes, about 1-2 fingers, depending on their size, leaving the tender part. With the knife or a spoon remove the ‘hair’ or ‘choke’ that is found at the base of the heart of the artichoke. If the artichokes are young and fresh, there will be hardly any hair. But if they are larger and more mature, the hair must be carefully removed, because it is hard and may stick in your throat (hence the name choke, I think.) After trimming each half, rub it with the one half of the lemon, to prevent the choke from turning blackish. Leave all the artichokes in the lemon water until you finish trimming all the vegetables. If you trim a lot of artichokes, you should wear gloves, because they will stain your fingers.

In this case you can prepare as many artichokes as you require. But if you have time to spare prepare more and keep them in the freezer, ready for use.

Cut your artichokes into quarters and pat them dry with a paper towel. Put the oil in a non-stick pan and when it is hot add the artichokes. Sauté them for 2 – 3 minutes, turning them over. Sprinkle some salt and pepper. Beat the eggs lightly with some salt and pepper. Add the margarine and when it has melted, add the eggs. Let them cook for a couple of minutes until set. You can either turn them over or you can put the pan under the hot broiler for a couple of minutes. Remember to cover the handle of your pan with foil otherwise it may get damaged.

Slide the omelet on a plate and serve.

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