Quince Jellies (Kydonopasto)Jelly candy made from quinces is a traditional Greek sweet. It requires very few ingredients and keeps well for a whole year.







4 large quinces
Sugar or honey
1 glass water
Some blanched almonds



Peel and deseed the quinces. Wash them, cut them in large pieces and put them in a pot with 1 glass of water and simmer them gently until they are very soft. If the quinces are hard, you may need to simmer them for 30 – 40 minutes. If required, add a little more water. Puree the quinces, making sure that there are no hard pieces left.

Measure the puree using a glass or a cup and add the same amount of sugar or honey (or half sugar, half honey) to the puree and return everything to the pot. Simmer very-very gently stirring continuously, because the puree burns very quickly. The jelly is ready when it comes off the sides of the pan.

Very lightly oil a metal serving dish, or a metal baking pan. Put the jelly in the pan or dish and level it out with a spoon. Place blanched almonds at equal distances on top of the jelly. Allow it to cool completely and leave it to dry out for 2 – 3 days. You can then cut the jelly in small squares with an almond in the centre. Wrap the pieces individually in shrink wrap and keep them in a tin.

Whenever you have the urge for something sweet, these little jellies are perfect.

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