Peppers are loved all over the world and there are many different kinds to suit everyone’s taste. These peppers I used are sweet, green ones, but you can use sweet, red peppers or even hot ones if you like. They are wonderfully tasty and a very nice savory snack or appetizer. I am giving you the quantities for 4 peppers, but you can add or subtract according to how many peppers you wish to use.




4 long sweet peppers
200 gr. feta cheese
2 slices bacon (or ham, or turkey)
1 small hot pepper finely minced (if liked)
1 tablespoon vinegar
1 clove garlic minced
A few sprigs parsley finely chopped
2 tablespoonfuls of chives finely chopped
2 tablespoonfuls of mint finely chopped
4 – 5 tablespoonfuls evaporated milk (or yogurt)
Freshly ground pepper
Olive oil


Wash the peppers, dry them and cut the top to remove the seeds. Don’t throw the top away. Lay the peppers in a small baking pan.

Prepare the stuffing by mixing in a bowl all the ingredients, except the olive oil. With a teaspoon fill the peppers, pushing it well inside the peppers. Push the little tops in the opening to seal in the stuffing. Put them back in the pan. Drizzle a few tablespoonfuls olive oil over the peppers and add about ¼ cup water to the pan.

Bake them for about 45 minutes at 200o C. They are eaten lukewarm or cold, as a side dish, or a snack.

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