This is one of the most famous and loved Greek spreads and so easy to make! It is  wonderful on fresh or toasted bread and crackers. Once you try it, you are hooked for life! There are two kinds of fish roe (taramas) pink and white. Get the white as the quality is far superior. It is a bit more expensive, but in any case you need a very small amount, so it is worth it.




80 gr. white fish roe
3 – 4 slices bread without the crust
1 – 1½ cups oil (use half olive oil if you wish and half maize or sunflower oil)
2 – 3 tablespoonfuls lemon juice
A small piece of onion, if liked



If you use the onion, put it first in a blender or food processor and blend it until you have a paste. You can add a little of the bread and the fish roe to help it along. Then add the egg roe and bled until smooth. Start adding the rest of the ingredients a little at a time. The best way is to taste your mixture now and then, until you have the taste and the texture that you like best. Perhaps you will need less lemon juice, or a little more. Please bear in mind that the fish roe is very salty, so you add enough bread and oil, until you are happy with the taste.

The end result is a medium thick paste – neither too runny nor too thick.

Put the taramosalata in a bowl and decorate with a few black Kalamata olives if you wish.


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