Tasty & Healthy BurgersAfter the holiday binging, we need something lighter yet filling that the family can enjoy. These burgers are much healthier and lighter than the ones that are all meat. You can also disguise any vegetables you like to feed children and husbands that turn up their noses at anything green.





300 gr. minced meat (beef, pork, chicken or turkey)
60 gr. whole wheat/rye or any other bread or rusks you like soaked in water and strained
120 gr. grated onion
120 gr. zucchini grated thinly
2 cloves garlic minced
1 egg
5 tablespoonfuls soya
2 tablespoonfuls quinoa
2 – 3 pinches oregano
1 tablespoonful Worcester sauce
2 tablespoonfuls olive oil
2 tablespoonfuls vinegar
4 – 5 drops Tabasco sauce
Salt, pepper



Place all the ingredients in a bowl. Mix very well with your hands. Shape the mixture into patties as large or small as you like. Broil them on both sides. You can serve them either plain with a large salad, or in a bun with whatever you like – except fries of course.

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