Tzatziki is perhaps the most famous Greek sauce in the world. It accompanies the souvlakia, all sorts of grilled meat or it can be used as a dip.







1 container strained yogurt (250 gr)
1 large cucumber peeled and grated
2 – 3 cloves of garlic crushed (according to taste)
Salt, a little pepper (preferably white)
2 – 3 tablespoonfuls vinegar (to taste)
¼ cup olive oil



Grate the cucumber and place it in a strainer.  Sprinkle some salt on it and let it drain for about half an hour. Then you can either squeeze it with your hands or press it with the back of spoon, until it is are completely drained.

Place the yogurt in a bowl. Mix in the grated cucumber. Add a bit of salt, a little pepper, the crushed garlic, and the vinegar. Mix gently and slowly add the oil. Taste and adjust the salt and the vinegar and add more if liked.

Cover the bowl and keep it in the fridge until it is required.

If you like yogurt and garlic, then this is a heavenly sauce. It is served with souvlakia (skewered meat) in lightly grilled pita bread, together with French fries, tomato slices and onion. If can be eaten with just about anything else: as a side dish, with fresh bread or even as a dip. It is simply divine!

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