Vegetarian BurgersThese tasty, healthy burgers can be enjoyed not only by vegetarians but by everybody who wants to eat something light and nutritious. Serve with a large green salad and perhaps baked potatoes, and you have a very filling dinner.






2 large zucchini grated
1 onion grated
1 – 2 cloves garlic
1 cup leeks finely chopped
2 large carrots grated
2 cups spinach chopped
2 cups chards chopped
1 cup chickpeas boiled
1 cup white beans boiled
1 large potato peeled and boiled
3 tablespoonfuls quinoa
1 handful parsley chopped
2 tablespoonfuls dill chopped
1 egg (if  liked)
1 cup dry brown bread breadcrumbs
4 drops Tabasco sauce
Salt, pepper
1 – 2 tablespoons olive oil



Put the quinoa in lukewarm water to soak.

Peel and wash the potato, cut it up in pieces and boil it in lightly salted water.

You can either boil the chickpeas and the beans, which you should have soaked overnight, or use canned ones. Drain them and mash them with the potato.

In a strainer place the grated zucchini, grated onion, leeks, carrots, spinach, chards and parsley. Sprinkle a little salt and let the vegetables drain for about an hour. Add the dill. Squeeze the vegetables well to extract as much water as possible.

Place them in a bowl and add the mashed potato, chickpeas and beans. Drain the quinoa and add it too. Add the egg, if you wish to use it, the breadcrumbs, pressed garlic, salt, pepper and olive oil and mix very well. Put the bowl with the mixture in the fridge for about half an hour.

Brush a baking pan with a little olive oil. Shape the mixture in burgers and place them in the pan. Broil them until they are nicely browned, turn them over and continue broiling until they are done on the other side too.

You can serve them on a bun with all the trimmings of a burger. However, if you want to trim down your waistline, you can serve them with a huge green salad.

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